Emerald Heights

Best 4 BHK Flats in Faridabad

Emerald Heights, developed by the well-known real estate group, Emerald Home Developers Pvt. Ltd., stands out as the finest choice for those seeking the best 4 BHK flats in Faridabad. This residential gem, located on the Faridabad-Dankaur state highway, is more than just a home; it’s a promise of spacious living, exceptional amenities, and a prime location that makes life convenient and enjoyable.

Spacious Living, Thoughtfully Designed:

Emerald Heights isn’t just any housing project—it’s a thoughtful creation by Emerald Home Developers, known for their excellence. With only 384 flats spread across 6.20 acres, Emerald Heights offers low-density living, ensuring that each home is spacious and comfortable. The 4 BHK flats, in particular, are designed for families who value ample living space.

Close Proximity to Essential Services:

Living at Emerald Heights means you’re close to everything you need. Schools, hospitals, and shopping centers are just a stone’s throw away, making daily life convenient and stress-free. The project’s strategic location on the state highway makes commuting to neighboring cities a breeze, adding another layer of convenience for residents.

Low-Density Living, High-Quality Life:

Emerald Heights takes pride in offering low-density living, meaning fewer homes in a larger area. This design choice translates to more open spaces, less crowding, and an overall higher quality of life. It’s not just about having a home; it’s about living in a community that values space, tranquility, and a sense of belonging.

Exclusivity with Only 384 Flats:

Emerald Heights distinguishes itself by limiting the number of flats to 384. This intentional decision contributes to a close-knit community where residents know each other, creating a sense of exclusivity and a friendly neighborhood atmosphere. It’s not just about quantity; it’s about the quality of living that comes with being part of a select community.

Emerald Heights 4 BHK Flat Prime Location Advantages:

Imagine living in a place where two of the prominent hospitals are right at your doorstep. Emerald Heights is situated on the Faridabad-Dankaur state highway, adjacent to Asia’s largest Amrita Hospital and directly opposite Asian Hospital in Sector-88, Faridabad. This prime location not only ensures quick access to healthcare facilities but also places you in the heart of a vibrant and well-connected community.


Emerald Heights’ location, directly across from K.R. Mangalam World School, offers families the invaluable advantage of having a world-class educational institution at their doorstep. Parents can enjoy the ease of dropping off and picking up their children without the hassle of long commutes, fostering a seamless and stress-free daily routine. This prime location not only provides easy access to quality education but also enhances the overall living experience for residents.

Emerald Heights Key Highlights of the project

Experience the luxury in the Sky Garden

Emerald Heights, a pioneer in the real estate landscape of Faridabad, is proudly the first to introduce the innovative concept of Sky Garden. This visionary approach transforms the traditional idea of ​​residential living, offering residents a unique and elevated experience that sets Emerald Heights apart from the rest.

Emerald Heights emerges as the epitome of the best 4 BHK flats in Faridabad. From its strategic location and spacious design to the careful planning of low-density living, every aspect reflects the commitment to providing residents with not just a home but a lifestyle. When you choose Emerald Heights, you’re choosing a home by a trusted developer in a community that values quality, space, and well-being.


Your dream home awaits at Emerald Heights—where simplicity meets luxury, and where every day is an affirmation of your aspirations. Choose the best for your family; choose Emerald Heights for best 4 BHK flat in Faridabad.